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Since 2007, the Resource Training Organization (RTO) has been the industry training organization responsible for maintaining the program standards for red seal and non-red seal trades in the resource sector (mining, forestry, utilities, solid woods, oil & gas, shipbuilding). Working in conjunction with ITA, we have reshaped the apprenticeship system. Along the way, we were a key contributor to the resource sector and the BC Jobs Plan.

Following completion of RTO’s commitments to the Industry Training Authority (ITA) under the Enterprise Partnership Agreement terminating October 31, 2014, RTO will transition into a non-profit, industry-led organization called SkillSource that will be focused on expanding the access to trades training and employment for British Columbians.

SkillSource’s mission will be to develop a highly skilled and productive workforce to meet the human resource needs of the economy. The new mandate will come to include a portion of the services previously provided by RTO but is not exhaustive of the range of services SkillSource will offer to industry stakeholders. Services will include Group Training Approaches, Advanced Entry Trades Training Strategies, Government Services, and Workforce Development Consulting.

SkillSource will retain the current expertise of the majority of RTO’s present Board of Directors, its CEO, Doug MacLaren, and its consulting capabilities. As such, it is in a unique position during this critical point of system re-focusing and transition. SkillSource will deliver seamless program services to industry and support, as required, those initiatives outlined in the BC’s Skills for Jobs Blueprint. We look forward to the next chapter and reiterate our commitment to the viability of a robust apprenticeship and training system to support the economic expansion of the province.

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