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Organizational Overview:

The Resource Training Organization (“RTO”) was established in 2007 to oversee the management
and development of apprenticeship training for the resource sector in BC. RTO represents a cross
sectoral group of employers in the mining and smelting, oil and gas, pulp and paper, solid wood,
and heavy shipbuilding and repair sectors.

RTO is sanctioned as an Industry Training Organization (ITO), by the Industry Training Authority
(ITA), pursuant to the Industry Training Authority Act.

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Resource Training Organization’s mandate is to create and maintain an effective, efficient and
responsive industry training system by:

  • Defining and promoting workforce development and training needs;
  • Developing and implementing an integrated training plan that matches the demand for skilled workers;
  • Setting training and occupational standards, following Red Seal qualifications where applicable;
  • Promoting career and training opportunities in the resource industry; and
  • Measuring and responding to industry training results and outcomes.

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